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Expedition Tour 10th Anniversary

Numerous bombastic promotions, starting from the 1st August till 31st December 2014. Don't miss these unique and one-off opportunities to benefit from impressive niceties with the purpose to make your holidays always stamped on your memory!

Enjoy your trip with our new and pristine cars!!

  1. Short Term rental service ( for a period of 10 days to 15 days)
    Clients will benefit from two days without charges.
  2. Long Term rental Service ( One month to two months)
    Clients will have the fuel tank completely full on the delivery day + 3 days without charges.

Envisage the turquoise water lapping on the scenic shore, a resplendent sunset on the horizon, fresh and bright tropical flowers everywhere, and the two of you in the heart of it all. What a majestic way to say "Our wedding is indeed exceptional, memorable and electrical."

Grab the golden opportunity to book your wedding with us now.

  • A dazzling beach wedding including Civil formal contract at 449 Euro instead of 490 Euro.
  • 15% off on the Make-up Price for the bride (Depending on the type of make-up)
  • Light, heavy, waterproof or silky smooth.